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About Us

Cape Cod Chef On Call is a personal chef service for all of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and has been in operation since 1999.

The Chefs

Kevin and Judy Jamieson are the husband-and-wife dynamite duo behind Cape Cod Chef on Call. They have owned and operated their personal chef service since 1999.

Chef Lori Charles

Chef Lori Charles is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Miami who consistently proves herself as a well-seasoned and motivated culinary professional. Upon graduation, Chef Lori received additional culinary training at the prestigious Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, and Chesa Veglia in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Her previous experience also includes positions at well-known establishments such as Café L’Europe in Palm Beach, Galley Beach in Nantucket, and luxury motor yacht Bibich in the Mediterranean, during high-profile events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand-Prix, and Art Basel Miami.

As a USPCA and ACF accredited chef, Lori is the Executive Chef and owner of Miami Haute Cuisine, Sous Chef at Le Basque the Caterers, ACF certified Culinary Cannabis & Edibles Chef, and with four seasons under her belt she is a veteran chef at Cape Cod Chef on Call. Her culinary training, Haitian-American heritage, and travels throughout the years have allowed her to build an impressive career, specializing in Regional American, Afro-Caribbean, Latin American, European, North African, and Asian Cuisine.

“‘Food is an introduction to culture.’ My cuisine is reflective of my personal and professional adventures; learning, creating, & enjoying the spice of life”

Chef Kevin Jamieson

Kevin spent his youthful summers visiting his grandmother and grandfather on the Cape and developing his kitchen experience in his Uncle Pete’s restaurant. The Northport is located in Chatham.

Kevin took to cooking like a fish in water, and when he completed high school in Maryland, he went to work full time on the Cape. He was called to relocate to the Washington DC area.

For eight years, he worked for the Metro area’s famous L’ Auberge Chez Francois. Then left to join the Stouffers Hotel kitchen staff and ultimately Head Chef for Evans Farm Inn located in McLean, Virginia.

Celebrating their 20th Anniversary as business owners for CAPE COD CHEF ON CALL, Kevin and his wife Judy passionately hold their service standards higher than most. Each client is introduced to regional cooking that is fresh, clean, and full of flavor.

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