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Why Hire a Personal Chef?

· The price is comfortable because our overhead is less demanding.

· Our service is known for designing small events with expertise.

· The Cape Cod Chef On Call schedule offers full days, single events, large weddings, and rehearsal dinners.

· Our food is sourced locally, which includes our 2-acre Brewster garden, Chatham Fish & Lobster, Phoenix Fruit, Cape Abilities Farm, Fancy’s Produce, Flynn’s Pig Farm, and local Farmers Markets. All of these sources allow us to offer Cape Cod cuisine at its finest!

· Food allergies and sensitivities are taken into consideration when preparing all meals.

· We provide all “eco-green” disposables for any occasion.

· Professional knives and cooking equipment are used for your events.

· Our personal chef performance is 5-star.

· We leave all kitchens, both small and large in spotless condition.

· Our services can be prepared for 2 or 150 people.

Make the summer of 2023 memorable by including Cape Cod Chef On Call in your plans. Reserve your personal chef service today.

Cape Cod Chef On Call Is Your Vacation Destination Personal Chef Service.

Contact Us Today To Reserve Your

Personal Chef Service For The Summer Of 2023!


Since 1999

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